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DR. FISCHER Europe S.A.S. in France is the largest plant of the group and Europe’s largest competence and production centre for IR and UV lamps and special solutions. Special lamps in high-voltage technology, Eco-Halogen and LED are also produced here. They are used by the French railway, the navy and the medical sector and can be found at airports, in laboratories, in photo and optical equipment and in many other sensitive areas.

One of the main advantages of DR. FISCHER Europe S.A.S. is the innovative Research & Development Department. Our experienced lighting experts not only manufacture lamps and improve lighting technologies, but also develop complete IR systems for industrial material shaping, drying and curing processes, as well as comfort heating applications. The area UV Technology has specialist know-how in drying and photopolymerization processes, as well as in industrial material tests.

This unique synergy of the latest technologies, proven and reliable methods, flexibility and many years of experience in the production of specific solutions give DR. FISCHER Europe S.A.S a significant competitive advantage.

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