Foundation of LEDSports GmbH. For the further expansion of the area of lighting for sports halls and facilities, we have both expanded our product portfolio and extended our sales activities in Germany. This enables us to offer our customers individual project support and on-site consulting.


Investment in the expansion and production of
UV / UVC special lamps at the site in France. Dr. Fischer Europe has been manufacturing UV / UVC lamps for a long time. Due to the market size and the resulting opportunities, the group has decided to further expand this area.

1920 2022

Kandem Leuchten GmbH once again and very successfully enters a market that has long been part of the company’s history. The field of sports facility lighting becomes an important part of the company. In this day and age, sports facilities are being converted from conventional to LED lighting technology. But Kandem Leuchten was already there when sports facilities were first illuminated at the end of the 1920s.


Kandem Retro website goes online and our retro luminaire family grows. When a lighting designer, an architect and a luminaire manufacturer meet and realize that the chemistry is right, a completely new project can arise. The collaboration with lighting designer Sarah Textor and architect André Kramm regarding the re-design of the world-famous Kandem 967 table enthused the lighting world. With the new edition, a classic is retold!


Relocation of Kegler Lichttechnik GmbH to the production site in Diez. This way, we were able to bundle technical and qualitative know-how. Workflows have been simplified, allowing us to respond even better and faster to the needs of our customers.


Dietmar Kegler.

Sudden death of Dietmar Kegler, who laid the base stone for the Dr. Fischer Group with the founding the Kegler Lichttechnik GmbH in 1989. Dietmar Kegler built up the group of companies over 25 years and set the course for the future with his ingenious acumen and farsightedness. We still feel his empiricism and empathy today in all areas of our group of companies. It is our standard, which we are proud to continue.



In the middle of the year 2015 DR. FISCHER was able to reach an agreement with US based company RST Visions in Color as exclusive distributor of IR, UV and stage & studio lamps for the NORTAM markets.The agreed partnership with RST Visions in Color is a milestone for the growth ambitions of the DR. FISCHER Group with this portfolio and will enable them to penetrate the North American region faster and more powerful.


Due to the ongoing changes in technology and in order to be able to react flexibly to developments on today’s luminaire market, KANDEM Leuchten GmbH takes over the business of DR. FISCHER LED GmbH. This guarantees the continued success and progress of the DR. FISCHER Group, including the development of new innovative solutions using LED technology.


Due to the growth of the Group, it is necessary to construct a new building containing more modern offices and a large production area (2,000 square meters) adjacent to the premises built in 2007.


125 years KANDEM.

The highlight of the year is the anniversary of Germany’s oldest lighting brand: 125 years KANDEM.


Niederlassung in Hongkong.

The DR. FISCHER Group founds an office in Hong Kongin order to continue and strengthen the Group’s international position as one of the market leaders. It facilitates a quick and effective distribution of DR. FISCHER goods in the Asian region and also makes it possible to purchase various raw materials more efficiently.


Niederlassung in Seoul.

There is now a sales office in the capital of South Korea. It offers customers in the Asian area the possibility of communicating with a regional contact person from the DR. FISCHER Group.


To follow the new trend in LED technology and be up to date in the lighting industry, DR. FISCHER LED GmbH is founded. It deals with customized requirements for modern LED technology.


This year the DR. FISCHER Group takes over the whole industrial park in Pont-à-Mousson with 270 employees. The factory specializes in infrared, UV and halogen lamps.


Takeover of the company in Alpignano (Italy) with 90 employees.

DR. FISCHER Italy s.r.l. emerges from the roots of one of Italy’s oldest lamp brands. The company mainly deals with lamps for domestic appliances.


As the group has rapidly grown in recent years, it is necessary to build a new office building with 1,000 square meters of office space.


The oldest lighting brand of Germany, KANDEM Leuchten GmbH, is now part of the DR. FISCHER Group. It ideally complements the group with its specialization and competence.


DR. FISCHER Vertriebs GmbH is established:
a flexible and efficient distributor, which globally sells the whole product range of DR. FISCHER and Philips trading goods.


KEGLER Lichttechnik GmbH is founded with the aim of producing special halogen lamps for the medical sector. This is the corner stone for the foundation of today’s DR. FISCHER Group.


Since 2010 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:

The factory in Pagny-sur-Moselle is transferred to Pont-à-Mousson. The production of incandescent and halogen lamps begins here.


Seit 2001 Teil der DR. FISCHER Gruppe:
KANDEM Leuchten GmbH.

Aufgrund des Weltkrieges erfolgt 1948 die Neugründung der Firma “KANDEM” als “KANDEM – Apparate- und Leuchtenbau GmbH” mit Sitz in Limburg an der Lahn.


Since 1990 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:
Speziallampenfabrik DR. FISCHER GmbH.

Speziallampenfabrik Dr. Günther Fischer is founded. In the starting phase of the company, burned-out incandescent lamps are repaired.


Since 2009 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:
DR. FISCHER Italy s.r.l.

In 1927 the factory in Italy is bought and incorporated into the company “Philips Light”.


Since 2001 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:
KANDEM Leuchten GmbH

KANDEM is registered as an international brand name and finds general acceptance. Körting and Mathiesen now do business under the name of KANDEM, which replaces “K&M”. The first incandescent lamp fittings are manufactured.


Since 2001 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:
KANDEM Leuchten GmbH.

On August 1st, 1889 – 2 years before Philips and 30 years before Osram – Max Körting and Wilhelm Mathiesen found the general partnership “Körting & Mathiesen” (“K&M”). In the following years, the brand name KANDEM is developed.


Since 2010 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:

The first incandescent lamps are presented in a workshop by Fabius Henrion in Pagny-sur-Moselle.


Since 2009 part of the DR. FISCHER Group:
DR. FISCHER Italy s.r.l.

This is the year in which the history of one of Europe’s oldest lamp factories begins. After the invention of the incandescent lamp in 1880, Alessandro Cruto founds his own factory to produce these lamps in Alpignano (Italy).